Hélène Miralles

She is the keeper-of-the-flame of a rare skill, one of the last Master Syrup Makers in France. From custom-made collections to limited editions, exclusive flavours and best sellers, Hélène Miralles has been at the heart of 1883’s excellence and creativity for over 30 years.

Julie Rothhahn

Curious and dynamic, Julie Rothhahn tastes to deconstruct meaning, to open up avenues of reflection and brings a design to food that helps to digest and escape. She puts her designer’s eye on the edible, which then becomes a material to be modeled, to be staged, to which we give meaning. The food becomes sensitive, sometimes emotional, even transgressive.

Matthias Giroud

A world-renowned French Chef Mixologist, Matthias is an ultra-creative person who is inspired by the world of nature and the great chefs he collaborates with. A globetrotter at heart, his 360-degree journey is the perfect reflection of his appetite for multi-sensory experiences and the blending of new flavours.

Nir Chouchana

Nir Chouchana was named “Best young barman in France” in 1998. Since then, he has sharpened his skills and eloquence to share his expertise and his passion for mixology, from cocktails to coffee. Selection of ingredients, complex blends, storytelling, exotic flavours… Nir leaves nothing to chance and practices the quest for excellence as a matter of routine.

Mehdi Favri

A curious and passionate multi-talent, Mehdi is a beacon of gastronomy. Drawing his inspiration from shapes, colors and trends, he is a creative culinary artist by nature. Far from resting on his laurels, Mehdi is a visionary chef, always in search of meaning, creativity and explosive ideas.


Agnieszka Cieślar

somewhere around the world where she amazes and delights even the most discerning palates with her creations and garnishes.

Sparkling, creative and naturally sweet, Agnieszka is THE Polish bartender everyone wants. She lights up the profession with her amazing ideas and creations, supercharged by a permanent audacity and a perfect mastery of the staging and the finishing.

Her leitmotiv? Thinking for hours about original garnishes, perfectly complementing the creativity of her cocktails and their associations. Her pleasure? Immortalizing her often floral and fruity ideas through photography and bringing Drink Design to life in all its forms.

An extraordinary personality to discover through her recipes.


  • 2019 World Cocktail Championship– 4th place – Chengdu, China
  • 2019 22eEdition of Mattoni Grand Drink World Championship in non-alcohol cocktails – 3rd place – Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2018 World Cocktail Championship– 1st place – Tallin, Estonia
  • 2018 Elimination Calvados Nouvelle Vogue– 2nd place – Cracovie, Poland
  • 2018 International German Championship Team Challenge– 3rd place – Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2017 Grand Prix 2016 Polish Bartenders Association– 1st place – Krynica Zdrój, Poland
  • 2016 Lubuski Cup 2016– 2nd place – Toruń, Poland
  • 2016 Calvados Nouvelle Vogue– 4th place – Caen, France
  • 2015 Lubuski Cup 2015– 2nd place – Toruń, Poland
  • 2015 Bartenders Championship Hamilton Beach Cup Poland 2015– 1st place – Warszawa, Poland
  • 2013 Polish Championship of Young Bartenders– 5th place – Darłowo, Poland

Mihails Minckovskis

When Mihails, alias “Misha”, begins one of his creations, all eyes are riveted on him. Like an actor on stage, he brings his audience together with his fabulous flavour stories that he loves to tell with passion, humour and always with a smile.

But beyond the show, there is the artist, the expert and the man. Precise gestures, professionalism at all times, constant creativity: Misha is always thinking of tomorrow. The dream of a more sustainable world for which he donates the equivalent of his annual energy footprint to plant trees around the world.

His trademark? An unfailing elegance and a distinctive sign, his 1883 outfit, which he updates year after year in a style that reflects his identity. His asset? Dazzling improvisations, allowing him to make the best decisions quickly and efficiently, especially in competitions where he excels. His pride? Latvia, his country, his love and those hours spent in his father’s bar where he developed his “cocktail culture” early on.

Since 2015, Misha proudly carries the colors and spirit of 1883 around the world, discover him on Instagram as well as his many recipes on our website.


  • 2019 International brand ambassador competition– 2nd place – Europa
  • 2018 Havana Club Grand Prix– 3rd place – Lithuania
  • 2018 Libbey Glassology– 2nd place – World
  • 2017 Four Rouses Baltic’s mellow mixing challenge– 3rd place
  • 2017 World Class– 2nd place – Lithuania
  • 2016 Monkey Shoulder ultimate bartender challenge– 2nd place – Lithuania
  • 2016 Wenneker – 1st place – Lithuania

Dhan Tamang

He is the champion of Latte Art in its most complex form, but also in its most colorful exercise. Originally from Nepal, his talent is matched only by his humility and his love for hot drinks. Through his inventiveness and perfect execution, Dhan won his first title of nobility at the UK Latte Art Championship where he won, in exceptional fashion, 6 consecutive prizes, paving the way to a whole new destiny.

Author of the acclaimed book called “Coffee Art”, he now works to inspire his community with his ephemeral and original creations. He already has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram. He is also the successful head of his own business, that offers training and products from his expert portfolio.

What he loves most of all? Being behind the bar, putting on his apron and sharing his unbridled passion for his craft with his customers. His inspirations? The places he visits, the paintings he sees, but most of all the encounters he makes: rich in meaning and always a source of new ideas to be developed.


  • Champion UK Latte Art Championship– 6 years in a row
  • World Latte Art Championship– Finalist in 2016

Jan Marc Menicable

Jan Marc is a visionary whose expertise lies in the innovation of 1883 syrup-based drinks. A master taster, he introduces Middle Eastern professionals to the art of syrup and helps create original menus for consumers in the region who are looking for unique experiences.  


  • 2021 Gahwa Beverage Concept Winner – Abu Dhabi, UAE​
  • 2017 Best in Cocktail, Tito’s Vodka Flair Competition– Hard Rock Café Dubai​
  • 2016 Champion, Maxx Flairtending Challenge– City Maxx Hotel​
  • 2015 Champion, Mastah Flair for Nepal– Westin Hotel Dubai

Marcello Gaya

A true bartending enthusiast, and often awarded in his native Brazil for his creations and techniques, Marcello, our ambassador in Latin America, introduces bartenders and cocktail drinkers in his region to the voluptuousness and limitless creativity inspired by 1883 syrups.


  • 2000, 2001, 2002 IBA Brazil Techinical Champion – São Paulo, Brazil ​
  • 2002 IBA Brazil Champion – Curitiba, Brazil​
  • 2013 Absolut Creative Drink Champion – Ribeirão Preto, Brazil​
  • 2013 IBA Brazil Champion of Champions – São Paulo, Brazil​
  • 2014 IBA Asian Cup – Kaoshioung – China ​