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  • PP-30ml-Red

Posi Pour first original ball bearing 30ml pourer Made in U.S.A



COLOUR: Red spout black skirt 30ml Made in USA

The first Posi Pour Original ball bearing pourer 30ml!

Perfect addition to the commercial or home bar collection.

You’ve found the original Posi-Pour!
Streamlined and attractive, strong and durable, the Posi-Pour™ 2000 is designed for the professional bartender in a fast paced environment.
The fastest and most accurate control pourer in the world, the Posi-Pour™ 2000 is available in a variety of colors and sizes.
Everything else is an imitation.
Magnuson, Inc USA. is the world’s leader in liquor portion control!
The Posi-Pour 30ml portion control pourer will lower your liquor costs immediately and can boost your profits up to 30%!
Perfectly measure your your drinks every time. Will fit standard sized bottles and its stainless steel ball will allow a 30 ml flow before stopping.

Fits standard sized bottles.
Perfectly measures half a standard serve of spirits.
Control drink flow for more precise pouring.