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1883 Iced Tea Mango Syrup 1L – Glass bottle



COLOUR: Black with golden glints

NOSE: The generousness of mango with the strength of the tea

PALATE: Tea aromas and characteristic hints of mango are given a sustained finish

With an intense aroma of ripe mango, Mango Tea 1883 syrup offers a slightly sweet flavor and a powerful mango top note followed by intense black tea finish. Mango Tea 1883 syrup is made from carefully selected ingredients including natural cane sugar and our secret ingredient, pure Alpine water.



Serves 1L / 4 Glasses:
100ml 1883 Tea Mango Syrup
4 Passionfruits
20 Mint Leaves
Water and ice

Put the mint, the passion fruits and the syrup in a 1L jug (adapt the measures to the desired quantity), mix, and add water until 2/3 full.
Top up with ice cubes and stir to chill.
Serve in standard house glasses filled with ice.
Decorate with a mint.