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1883 Pomegranate Syrup 1L



COLOUR: Dark red

NOSE: Floral, fruity notes

PALATE: Notes reminiscent of pomegranate; starts with a round flavour then fades into a slightly tart aftertaste

With its exotic scent of citrus fruits and flowers, Pomegranate 1883 syrup has intense notes of red fruits and grapes. Its slightly sweet taste combines the flavor of the crunchy, earthy fruit with notes of dry red wine. Pomegranate 1883 syrup is made from carefully selected ingredients including natural cane sugar and our secret ingredient, pure Alpine water.



For approx 1L/4 Glasses
100ml 1883 Pomegranate syrup
50ml 1883 Tripe sec syrup
100ml Lime juice
200ml Cranberry juice
500ml Water + Ice cubes

To be made in a blender or a Granita machine.
Pour all the ingredients in the blender and top up with crushed ice.
For the Granita machine, you can top up with a quantity of water equivalent to the products used.
Blitz or freeze, and serve in giant Martini-type glasses.
Garnish with red berry fruits and orange peel.

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